Chinese Hamster
Genome Database

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Currently available nucleotide and protein databases

Nucleotide Databases:

Genome (Scaffolds)

1) CHO-K1[ATCC]_RefSeq_2014
2) CH_RefSeq_2014
3) CHO-K1[ATCC]_GenBank_2011
4) CH_GenBank_2013
5) CH-17A/GY_Chr_GenBank_2013

Transcripts (RNA)

6) CHO-K1[ATCC]_RefSeq_2014
7) CHO-K1[ATCC]_RefSeq_2012
8) CH_RefSeq_2014

Amino Acid Databases:


1) CHO-K1[ATCC]_RefSeq_2014
2) CHO-K1[ATCC]_RefSeq_2012
3) CH_RefSeq_2014
4) CHO-K1[ATCC]_GenBank_2011
5) CH-17A/GY_Chr_GenBank_2013

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Database Naming Convention:

CHO Chinese hamster ovary cell line

CH Chinese hamster cell

CH(O)-xxxx Strain definition

[xxxx] Source of cells

genbank GenBank assembly

refseq RefSeq assembly

chr Chromosomal identification

Assembly Color Key:

RefSeq Assembly
GenBank Assembly

Assembly ID Key:

CHO-K1 RefSeq (GCF_000223135.1)
CH RefSeq (GCF_000419365.1)
CHO-K1 GenBank (GCA_000223135.1)
CH GenBank (GCA_000419365.1)
CH-17A/GY GenBank (GCA_000448345.1)

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